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ISSUE 58 — SUMMER 2022

Back in 2000, when I became involved in animal-studies, the mycological turn in the humanities was inconceivable. And yet, through a determinate will to challenge ourselves and fine- tune, not reject, the synergy of empathy and imagination, artists, researchers, and scholars have brought us so much closer to the non-human, making available to us more vivid, accessible and world-enriching tools than ever before. Mycorrhizal networks are the perfect metaphorical incarnation of the webs of knowledge that the different strands of academic research are generating today—open-ended and poietic support networks that gather and convey information across multiple individuals, shared communities, stratified and often invisible underground agents.

This issue of Antennae features the work of many scholars, researchers, and artists who have accomplished just that by harnessing the world-forming power of empathy and imagination in order to make visible what has for too long been made invisible. Over time, they have devised new and much needed thinking-structures that reconnect us with the ecosystems and ecologies we share with other earthlings.


Dr. Giovanni Aloi
Editor in Chief of Antennae 

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in this issue

Rachel Armstrong

Suzette Bousema
Eli Brown
Vitor/Yama Chiodi 

John Dao-Tran 

Darcie DeAngelo


Madge Evers

Annike Flo

Michael J. Hathaway  Allison Kotzig

Laurel V. McLaughlin

Elspeth Mitchell 

Marion Neumann 

Dao Nguyen
Regine Rapp 

Marjolaine Ryley 
Merlin Sheldrake 

Galina Shevchenko 

Remi Siciliano 

Mendel Skulski 

Kuai Shen

Fereshteh Toosi

Lenka Vráblíková 
Helena Wee 



text and images: Dao Nguyen

This portfolio consists of a

selection of images from a research-based practice that straddles science, art, and philosophy, and wonders how we live with others. These images exist somewhere between portraiture and documentation.



main text: Peter McCoy

interviewer: Marion Neumann

Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing & Working With Fungi by Peter McCoy explores the uniqueness of fungal biology, the critical ecological roles

of micro and macro fungi,
skills for accurately identifying mushrooms and mycorrhizal fungi, the importance of lichens as indicators of environmental health.

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p 19
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p 69

"Is Darwin anthropomorphizing the flower or is he being veg-etalised by the flower? We are influenced by non-human organisms all the time. As we try to make sense of them, they impact the way that we think, feel, and imagine."

Merlin Sheldrake, p 198

"Mushrooms link the spheres of sacred, chthonic-diabolic, and fertile-reproductive. They reflect an element of risk with which the evolution of human culture is associated."

Galina Shevchenko, p 121

"The delicate microbial ecosystem that is a human body (of which only ten percent is human) functions as a stand-in and reflection on the larger systems within which human bodies are embedded."

Dao Nguyen , p 13

"As the fungi moved into my atelier, eating their way through coffees, books, discarded textiles, and substrates, it became clear that a major part of the piece would be working at the fungi’s pace."

Annike Flo, p 37


"Fungi are the heroes of the web of life, and this is the exact message we consider vital and needs to be understood by each one of us."

doxiadis+, p 71

"Mycelia challenge scientific taxonomy. Their existence is grounded on making kin with living and nonliving things on their way."

Vitor/Yama Chiodi , p 226

"Instrumentally understood as acquiescent composters and opportunistic saprophytes that transform organic matter into forms that can be used by other decomposers, Fungi are regarded as mere infrastructure in producing food for plants, rather than valued beings in their own right."

Rachel Armstrong , p 146

"Then, his body transformed into different parts of the world. His head and extremities became mountains. His breath became wind and clouds. His voice be- came thunder, his eyes the sun and moon."

Helena Wee, p 239

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